Gallery Natalie - Contemporary fine art gallery - paintings and sculpture

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When Gallery ‘Natalie’ first opened in 1995 many were amazed at the sign on the door ‘The Gallery opened as early as the end of the XX century’. This truth can be grasped now – in the XXI century. It is a pleasure that our visitors’ smiles appeared already at the entrance.


The contemporary fine art gallery is located in Sofia’s perfect centre and can easily be found – it is close to the House of the Parliament, to the Alexander Nevski Cathedral and the magnificent edifice of the National Theatre Ivan Vazov.


In the gallery you can see works of contemporary Bulgarian artists with pronounced style, professionalism and artistry. We present more than one hundred painters, who create paintinngs, graphic art, drawings, watercolors and pastels, bronze, stone and wood sculptures, icons, decorative ceramics and pottery. We take orders for wood cuttings, glass-staining and artistic textile, family or individual portraits. We offer interior design consulting and overall home or office interior solutions.


A bridge between the artists and the public are the dozens of art exhibition of Natalie – solo, group, collective, thematic; expositions related to celebrations and charity drives. The gallery has paid visits to Sweden, the Czech Republic, Austria, The Slovak Republic, Germany, Italy…


In the showroom we organize the presenting of books, magazines, and products, we award prizes and organize meetings of friends and colleagues, Christmas parties, lectures, recitals and chamber music concerts.


Hundreds of fine art connoisseurs from Bulgaria and around the world have already taken away from the gallery Natalie a piece of beauty, created by the hand of an artist, that fills the heart with joy. 


A gallery of our confused life-essence is an odd place. We know our artists. We love our customers. We hope that we have mutual trust – the artists, the gallerists and the connoisseurs. Art is the warranty. As a wise man once said: THE ART OF LIVING IS LIVING WITH ART! So, we address all of you – make the gift of art! To yourselves, to your closest friends, to those whom you respect and believe they will become your friends for life.