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If you see something on our site that interests you, then we will do everything that we can to help and advise!

Although this is a large website with lots of choices, we prefer to deal with you on a personal basis (no on line shopping trollies for us) :

        Phone us, so that we can extol the virtues of the work including presentation and framing, answer any queries and sort out all the details.

        E-mail us, so that we can do all of the above but in writing and images.


Made your decision?  Let us know and we will either:
- wrap up your purchase and keep it safe until you can collect it, or
- post it to you for a modest additional charge at your home or work address (we are used to keeping gift purchases secret...) Payment may be made by cheque, or by credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard or Switch/Maestro) over the phone, and we have even been known to accept cash.
  Terms of payment:

   - CASH ON DELIVERY: only for Bulgarian territory.

   -You will receive the ordered products by courrier at the negotiated date and will pay the agreed price.


BANK (WIRE) TRANSFER: effective in Bulgaria and abro

  • Terms of delivery
    The delivery is made by courrier:     Bulgarian Post , DHL ,  UPS,  FED EX insurance 1% of the value of the painting/sculpture. It is optional and should be paid by the buyer.
  • The ordered item will be delivered to the address provided by the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to receive the item.
  • The items ordered will be delivered within 72 hours provided that the address given is correct and the order has been confirmed by the customer. This timeframe is valid only for deliveries in Bulgaria. For other countries the deadline will vary depending on the agreements between  Gallery and the courier service in the respective country.
  • The ordered item will be suitably packed for its delivery.
  • If the customer is not available to accept the ordered item within the term of delivery at the specified address the order will be considered cancelled and  The Gallery will not be held responsible for failing to make the delivery.
  • In case the customer was not available to receive the item as per the previously negotiated timeframe and they still wish to have it, all delivery charges will be at their expense. The additional delivery charges will be paid at the time of delivery along with the price of the item.

The price will be paid by the customer upon receipt of the item either by credit card or bank transfer. The ordered item can be accepted by a third person in case they present a power of attorney and acknowledge the authenticity of the ordered and received item.

If a third person is involved in accepting and acknowledging the item on behalf of the customer who placed the order, the latter has no right to return the item or to take exception to the delivery.

          For additional information, please: Contact us


  • Refusal for receiving of ordered and delivered items
    The client who has ordered items  has the right to refuse to accept the ordered goods only under the following conditions:
  • If the delivered item does not correspond to the ordered one and this can be determined by regular examination of the item;
  • If during transportation the item was damaged;
  • If the price to be paid by the customer does not correspond to the one initially offered on the Gallery;
  • If the item is not accompanied by the respective documentation; 

Apart from*** the listed cases, the client has no right to refuse to accept and pay for the ordered items. Otherwise they are obliged to cover the expenses made for the delivery and returning of the item.

Claims are accepted as follows:

  • On items 1 and 2 of the preceding regulation – within 24 hours after the receiving of the item.
  • On items 3 – within 7 days from the receiving of the item on condition that they will be returned in the condition they were received without being used.