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Лодка за двамаТорсПтицатаПясъчен часовникСемейство
РазвовесиеДвамаОбичИгра с птицаДокосване
ПтициВетровеЛунно цветеНощ и ден

Born in 1957 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria                                                                              

Graduated the Art High School in Sofia 1976

Graduated the Academy of Fine Arts, specialty – sculpture in the class

          of prof. Dimitar Boikov 1984.

He is member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists since 1990



 One-man shows:


1988 – Bulgaria, Sofia, Gallery “AMX”

1990 – Italy, Milan

1993 – Bulgaria, Sofia, gallery “Makta”

1994 – Norway, The Royal Theatre “Henrih Ibsen”

1994 -  Bulgaria, Sofia, gallery “Makta”

1994 – Belgium, Antwerp, gallery “Ksantine”

1996 -   Bulgaria, Sofia, gallery “Makta”

2002 – Bulgaria, gallery “Irida”


He is author of:

-         Annual Award “Sportsman of  the Year”

-         Annual Award “Knight of the book”

-         Annual Award of Rotary Club

-         Annual Award for “Investigating Journalist”


He has made a bust – monument in the centre of town Berкovitza, monumental decorative pieces of plastic art in the town of Stara Zagora, a monumental relief for a swimming complex in the town of Targovishte, plaquetes ect.



He has participated:

-         In all General Art Exhibitions since 1983

-         In the IX International Symposium for Sculpture in stone – Burgas 1984

-         In two National sculpture symposia  - “Sandanski 1986” and “General Toshevo 1987”

-         In a Biennale of park – sculpture “Bankia 1986”

-         In international exhibition “Inter Art 87” in Poland

-         In the international Biennale “Ravenna 1990” in Italy

-         In the IX Biennale “Barcelona 1986” in Spain

-         In many representative exhibitions of Bulgarian sculpture abroad – in Russia, Poland, Libya etc.


His works are possession of the National Gallery of Fine Arts, of

        many private collections in Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Norway,

        Belgium, USA, Austria, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece, France,

        Japan etc.