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Alexander TELALIM

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    A l e x a n d e r   T E L A L I M  is a Bulgarian artist, working predominantly in watercolour. He organically combines the natural fluidity of watercolour  with the power of sharp lines, creating amazingly vivid and emotional works. In his paintings a childhood vision harmonizes with philosophical ideas. The economy of his chosen means highlights the depth and expressiveness of his watercolours according to Zen philosophy.
Alexander Telalim was born in 1966 in Vladitchen (Ukraine).  He graduated from the Grecov Art College, Odessa, and subsequently from the National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia.

Īne of the best Bulgarian water-colourists, Alexander also works as a calligrapher and book illustrator.

He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and had more than 60 solo exhibitions in Europe, USA and Japan.


Alexander Telalim’s artworks can be found in private collections in Europe, US and Japan, as well as in public collections of the City Gallery of Izmail (Ukraine), the Ukrainian Consulate in Sofia (Bulgaria), Bulgarian Consulate in New York (US), Municipality of Saint Louis (France), and Municipality of Weimar (Germany). 





            S E L E C T E D     G R O U P     E X H I B I T I O N S:


2016   WATERCOLOUR International Biennales - Fabriano (Italy) and Varna (Bulgaria)               

2015   "THE MASTERS OF WATERCOLOUR"   International Biennale, St. Petersburg


2013   "THE SUMMER FUSION"   Collection Red Gallery, London


2011  "THE FIRST FLIGHT"   Exhibition by contemporary Bulgarian artists, BCI, London


2009  "BELLE MISTIQUE"   Gallerie MK, River Nord Art District, Chicago


2007  "TRACE OF WATER"   Bulgarian Days Festival, New York


2004  "AROUND THE COYOTTE"    Art Festival, Chicago

          "FAR FROM YESTERDAY: NEW BULGARIAN ART"    TZ Gallery, Chicago


2002  "SEA OF FORMS" Art Festival (SAILS street installation), Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria



         S E L E C T E D    S O L O    E X H I B I T I O N S:  


2015  "The BALANCE"   municipal gallery, Troyan


2013  "VAN GOGH AGAINST THE MADNESS"   Absinthe Gallery, Sofia

        "AQUARELLE LETTERS FROM VINCENT"   Papillon Gallery, Varna


2011 "THE CALLIGRAPHY AND ZEN"   Cyril and Methodius National Library of Bulgaria


2010  "MORNING IN THE PROMISED LAND"   Rosh Pinna, Israel


2009   "DREAMSCAPES"    Ukrainian National Museum, Chicago

           "THE HOME"    Papillon Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria


2008   "MAGIE DE L′AQUARELLE"    Girafe Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

           "EDEM: AT HOME, TOWARDS THE INNER SELF"   Lik Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

           "DREAMS ON THE ROOF"    Sofia Philharmonics Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria


2007   "AQUA INCOGNITA"     Literaturehause Gallery, Weimar / Girafe Gallery, Berlin

           "NEW MYTHOLOGY"    Noah Gallery, Sofia


2006   "YELLOW and BLUE"   Ukrainian Days in Macedonia, National Art Gallery,Skopje


2002   "GIFT FOR LOVERS – 14.02"   Galeros Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

           "WATERCOLOR  FROM  BULGARIA"    Olivian Gallery, Kagava, Japan

           "FISHING  AT NIGHT"   Contemporary Art Center, Varna, Bulgaria


2001   "MESSAGE FROM THE WEST"   Sachie Ikeda Gallery, Kagava, Japan


2000   "BRIDGES"    Bulgaria – Slavonic World Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria

                                  City Art Gallery, Lodz, Poland


1999   "THE WAY OF THE WIND"    Gavrilova Gallery, Saint-Louis/Basil, France

           "THE SKY"    Santa Clara Monastery, Moguer

                                  Garduno Gallery, Sevilla

                                  City Art Gallery, Masagon, Spain


1997   "MESSAGE FROM THE EAST"    Cristina de Vicente Gallery, Huelva, Spain

           "WATER REFLECTIONS"     City Art Gallery, Izmail, Ukraine

           "SLEEPING BUTTERFLY"     Valentina Art Club, Sofia, Bulgaria





                                   …a dream that goes on beyond reality   


                          A l e x a n d e r     T E L A L I M



"Telalim’s technique is unique – the transparency and lightness of the watercolor in combination with the luminosity of the metal. The golden threads interweave and form the images, then sink into the paper again.”                                                                                                 

                                                                               Bulgarian National Radio



” Figures are transformed into gestures - highly expressive, as hieroglyphs of emotions - and colors turn into light... Together with the golden strings they turn the paper into stained glass”


                                                                              ”Classic FM" Radio, Sofia, Bulgaria



"Alexander is an artist who is excited about what is happening both in the West and in the East – this is where his interest in the Go game originates from. Wielding the wholeness of the “four arts” – music, poetry, calligraphic drawing and Go – is almost impossible but this impossibility exactly attracts him. All four arts require harmony, rhythm, internal flexibility and imagination.

Alexander’s subtlety towards Go provokes me to perceive the rest of the arts in a new, fresh way.”


                                                                              Yoni Lazarov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Go Association




“Among the things that attracts me in his art is his piety to the drawing, his appreciation of this primordial artistic impulse namely as prime phenomenon of the picture.”


                                                                              Petar Zmiycharov, art critic



”His inherent creative freedom and his ability to reveal the internal essence of the object bring life to everything his brush touches on.  Telalim’s pictures are engendered in a peculiar meditative state – both the key to the “magic garden” and the flower that we carry away from there... ” 


                                                                            „L’ Elsace“ newspaper, St. Louis,  France




You’ve already got this, perhaps.

What’s the Home?

A Sea?

And what about the Bridge over the Sea?

Tales by Telalim The Errant.

Tales about Worlds and Worlds Transcending.

Authentic, childishly pure –

tales from the World Above and Beyond.

Where there are no Bridges


                                                                           John Crossplain The Errant



 ”… a dream that goes on beyond reality... ”       

                                                                          "Literaturen Vestnik", newspaper Sofia, Bulgaria