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Graduated from the Academy of Art in Sofia in 1978

Member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists

Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria


           One man show:


1985   Sofia Bulgaria
1989   Dimitrovgrad Bulgaria
1992   Baden Vurtemberg, Germany
1994   Gallery Makta , Sofia, Bulgaria
1995   Gallery Makta  ,Sofia, Bulgaria
1996   Vaterstaten , Germany
1996   Paris animal sculpture
1997   La Garde Frainet-France
1998   Milhouse- France Art center
1999   Basel , Switzerland
2000   Sent Galen, Switzerland
2000   Tzar Osvoboditel Gallery  ,Sofia ,Bulgaria
2001   Vaterstaten  Germany
2002    St. Galen   Switzerland
2002   Ikar Gallery , Sofia, Bulgaria
2003   Vaterstaten ,Germany
2003   Ofenburg, Germany


   Participant in symposiums of sculpture of stones and    bronze:

1987  Covachevci , Bulgaria
1989  General Toshevo, Bulgaria
1996-1998  Diuni Sozopol ,Bulgaria


    Biennales and salons:

1982   Erfurt  Ceramica ,Germany
1987   Valoris  Ceramica, France
1983-1989  "Humor & Satire "Gabrovo-Bulgaria
1981   "Dante Alighieri", Ravenna, Italy
1983   "Dante Alighieri", Ravenna, Italy
1985   "Dante Alighieri", Ravenna, Italy
1988   "Dante Alighieri", Ravenna, Italy
1989   Kremnica, Slovakia


           Participant in international exhibition in:

Europe, India, USA, Asia and Canada


     Major awards:

1994   Special award of sports of  Bulgaria
1994   Special prize of "Gallery Dosev" - Bulgaria
1995   Specialization in Site de`ART –Paris, France
1997   "Gold nib" for contribution to Bulgarian
1997   Europe cote D`AZUR des arts et de la culture Nice 1997
1997   Office du tourisme de la culture et de L`ANIMATION  Frejus, France


    Art Public collection in:

The National Art Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria
The Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia Bulgaria
The City Art Galleries/Bulgaria/ of Mihailovgrad, Pleven, Veliko Turnovo, Gabrovo,Triavna, Dobritch, Balchic, Bourgas, Pazardjic, Ihtiman, and Switzerland ect.


    Private collection in:

Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Canada , India, Greece, France, Sweden , and ect.