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Boyko MITKOV - Boyo

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Торс с ябълкаФигура IIIФигура 2СтълбаФигура

Born in Studena, Bulgaria- 1954

Studies at Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

1982  Graduation in Sculpture Prof. Ilia lliev


          One man- show:                                                                         

1984           108 Rakovski Street Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

1990           Hemus Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

1990           Tiller Gallery, Vienna, Austria

1990           Hadwigers Gallery, Vienna, Austria

1990           Tiller Gallery, Vienna, Austria

1993            Hadwigers Gallery, Vienna, Austria

1993            Messina Gallery, Bueren, Switzerland

1993            Cite des Arts, Paris, France

1994            Schmiedegasse Gallery, Bile, Switzerland

1996            Herzog Gallery, Bueren, Switzerland

 1997           Bang & Olufsen Gallery, Bile, Switzerland

1997            Verstell Castle, Bueren zum Hof, Switzerland

1998            Bang & Olufsen Gallery, Bile, Switzerland

1999            Galerie am Salzgries, Vienna, Austria

2000          Herzog Gallery, Bueren zum Hof, Switzerland

2000          Shipka 6 Street Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2000          Alexander Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2002           Edgar Queeny Design, Nidau, Switzerland

2002           Club 44, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerl

2002           Bulgarian Cultural Center, Berlin, Germany

2003           Hadwigers Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2007          Gallery Natalie, Sofia, Bulgaria


Group Exhibitions:                                                                      

1982-1987     National Art Exhibitions

1986-1988     Representative Exhibition of Bulgaria Art in Germany, Holland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic 1986    Biennial "Sport and Art", Barcelona, Spain

1988           Biennial "Small Sculptures dedicated to Dante", Ravenna, Italy

1988           International Kunst messe "Basel Art", Basel,



1991           International Competition of Snow sculpture, Quebec, Canada

1991           Weihergut Gallery, Salzburg, Austria


1992           Kuehn Gallery, Lilienthal, Germany

1992           International Competition of Contemporary Sculpture, Hakone, Japan

1992           Galerie am Salzgries, Vienna, Austria

1992           Art Kunstmesse, Gent, Belgium

1992           International Triennial of Graphic, Sofia, Bulgaria

1997            International Biennial of Graphic, Varna, Bulgaria

2001          Autumn Saloon, Paris, France

2001          International Triennial of Graphic, Ghoer, Hungary

2003           Apollonia Festival of Art, Sozopol, Bulgaria



1982           International Symposium of Sculpture, Burgas, Bulgaria

1983           National Symposium of Sculpture, Sandanski, Bulgaria

1983           International Symposium of Sculpture, Oronsko, Poland


Art in Architecture:                                                                                                  

1996- 2002 Work in "SID" Architekturbuero, Biel, Switzerland

Private and public projects in Biel, Geneva, Lausanne, Evilard, Switzerland


Public Collections                                         

 National art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria Municipal Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland Hans Seidl Foundation, Munich, Germany Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghoer, Hungary


Private Collections In Austria, France, Switzerland, Germany, USA