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ARSHAK Nersisian

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Чаша кафеПейзаж в червеноПейзажНа брегаЗимна вечер
Белите къщиПролетБели къщиРозов пейзажЛодки на плажа
Розов пейзажВечерДжаз - ІІВечер - белите къщиПочивка
Покой ( натюрморт с бутилка)НатюрмортПейзаж в розовоЛунна светлина - лодкиПейзаж в синьо
Вечер - белите къщиБели лодкиНатюрмортНа брегаПейзаж
Орфей и ЕвридикаНатюрмортПейзажПейзажПейзаж
ПейзажПейзажПейзажПейзаж 3Пейзаж 1

Born on November 1, 1952 in Armenia.

He has graduated from Yerevan Academy of fine arts. He specialized at the Leningrad Academy, Lithuania and Latvia.

In Armenia he worked as art editor of the Women of Armenia magazine.

In Bulgaria he has been since 1996.


One — man exhibitions : 

1999- Architects Palace – Sofia, Bulgaria

2000- Russian Cultural and Information Center, Sofia 2000 - National museum of Ethnography Sofia

2000- National Parliament; Bulgaria

2001- Irida, Gallery Sofia

2002- Anniversary exhibition at Art Gallery, Varna

2003- Ministry of Culture, Sofia

2003- Hungarian Cultural Centre, Sofia

2004- Ministry of Culture, Sofia

2004- Earth and Men Museum, Sofia

2005- Exhibition at the Kempinski - Zografski Hotel, Sofia

2006- Pagane Gallery, Sofia

2006- Triadis Gallery , Sofia

2007- Hadjistoianovi Gallery, Sofia

2007- Natalie  Art Gallery , Sofia

2008-  Natalie  Art Gallery , Sofia


Group Exhibitions:

1990 ÷1996 - Group exhibitions of Armenian artists in Iran, Russia, Finland

1997 - The church "St. Tzar Boris", "St. Anna" chapel 2004 - Participant in the Strandja Palette International


2006 - Participant in the Portrait Exhibition at the Bulgarian Artists Union

2007 - Participant in the Strandja Pallete international Plain

2007 - Group exhibition of Armenian artist at National Gallery for foreign

             Art Sofia